Acid Flip Now Available

Acid Flip is now available in early access! you can find the store page here –

I will be keeping people more updated on progress, now that people are able to purchase and play it. Most of my updates will be on twitter, facebook or the game discussion board in steam.

I’m making more improvements all the time, so go check it out!!!

Acid Flip – July 2018


6i11g5s - ImgurHere is a summary of where Acid Flip is up to. There are 4 levels that are heavily developed. I had posted an update on facebook about the park level being almost complete.
And there was also a post or two about the phantom being completed.

After the park getting to a mostly finished state, Work began again on the metropolis level. Mainly on the central building. The central building is intended to be a key position in the game world as a strong landmark.  It was important to make the inside quite lavish and fairly detailed.

6YGcYn6 - Imgur

The rest of metropolis is also a little bit restructured and there have been systems installed to ensure the player can have shortcuts to hard-to-reach places.

There is good progress on the first 4 levels, and the intention is to release the game in early access once these are fully playable.  It’s getting closer!

Acid Flip progress

Progress on Acid Flip is good!!  I have a good selection of levels now, not too complicated or unmanageable. I have a gameplay theme for each level so it doesn’t get stale. I have pretty much completed the park level and finished the Phantom clicker. jWzTz7I - Imgur
I want to get a good selection of the early levels completed before considering the release of the game. I want to release in early access once I have gotten the earlier levels complete. Up to now, there is good progress on 4 levels, with a small amount of progress on 2 other levels. thinking about it now, 6 levels doesn’t seem like a huge amount but my focus is on including as much fun as possible without drawing it out.

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State of play—-!

Acid Flip achieved green-light success quite a while back but why wasn’t it released? Well it seemed apparent that my skills were lacking. After all the stress of the green-light process, trying to continue working on acid flip and getting it looking like a proper game seemed quite daunting. I needed a rest, a change of place and most importantly, skills! So I decided to conceive a smaller project to work on as an interim. This project became “Super Minesweeper Attack”. It is comparatively simple, however I decided to build it from the ground up, a different matter from Acid Flip which was built upon a pre-existing framework. This gave rise to a whole set of difficulties and extended the development time but of course I am stronger for it.

The current state of Super Minesweeper Attack is around 98% completion. Okay so it seems silly to put such an arbitrary number on it, but I do believe I have made it through development hell mostly. Last debug run had it working just fine. Although… the last development build didn’t seem to work properly for some reason. Could be a bad sign but hopefully a simple fix. Last things to finish up are pet models, skins and animations, and campaign stage design. These are actually simple tasks, since they are standard assets that just fit into my existing framework. No coding or debug necessary! Joyful music to my ears!

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Triadne’s Free Website is now hosted on WordPress!!!

I know, it’s not terribly exciting.. or maybe it is!  The thing is, websites cost money and it’s not always feasible. I wanted to have a website that I could make and then just leave. I will update from time to time of course, but I wanted something that wouldn’t disappear because I couldn’t afford to buy milk. So this is easy to maintain and doesn’t cost me anything. I can always upgrade for whatever reason but for now, I am good with a basic WordPress web address.  Let’s face it, it’s better than nothing!!!