Title Sting for ‘sadonmc – minecraft server’ promotional materials

This is a title sting I produced in unity for a group called sadonmc. I do not know the status of their project, but I produced this for them to reuse and alter for promotions. the simulation is created in such a way that they can replace their character skins and have a different look for different seasons and events. I play the simulation twice, with the second time being moved around a bit to show that it is running in realtime whilst I recorded this video. yes I know, complicated!
I modelled and animated everything myself from scratch and added minecraft textures. the working time on this was approximately 30 hours.

Super Minesweeper Attack

Super Minesweeper Attack is a recreation of Minesweeper with extra features. The game is designed to be customisable with different skins and user created skins. It has a campaign mode with themed puzzles and the ability for users to create puzzles. The campaign gives the player a ‘pet’ which can grow and evolve as they play. The pet can then give the player various power up items to assist in play.




In a world where asset flips become increasingly common, something strange happened. Somebody took an asset pack and used it as it was supposed to be used! They used it as a base and built off it to make a full game.
Acid Flip takes the term literally to poke fun, using gravity to ‘flip’ these so called ‘assets’. It’s a physics action game where you throw zombies into the air and then smash them into the dirt!
-Acid Flip at Steam Greenlight-

Features include:
* Gain the high score by boosting your multiplier. The more you kill at once, the higher your multiplier!
* Solve puzzles by luring the zombies and using gravity.
* Traverse areas by using gravity to jump.
* Locate secret areas.
* Help NPCs with tasks to progress through the story.
* Collect the shiny balls of acid to use for a secret objective.