Acid Flip – July 2018


6i11g5s - ImgurHere is a summary of where Acid Flip is up to. There are 4 levels that are heavily developed. I had posted an update on facebook about the park level being almost complete.
And there was also a post or two about the phantom being completed.

After the park getting to a mostly finished state, Work began again on the metropolis level. Mainly on the central building. The central building is intended to be a key position in the game world as a strong landmark.  It was important to make the inside quite lavish and fairly detailed.

6YGcYn6 - Imgur

The rest of metropolis is also a little bit restructured and there have been systems installed to ensure the player can have shortcuts to hard-to-reach places.

There is good progress on the first 4 levels, and the intention is to release the game in early access once these are fully playable.  It’s getting closer!

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